What does a Chaplain do?

My name is Chris Field and I am the Chaplain at Attadale PS. We’ve had a great start to the year and I am loving getting back into supporting the school community any way I can. For those who are unfamiliar with myself or chaplaincy, here are some frequently asked questions that I am often asked:

What does a Chaplain do?

Chaplains care for the social, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being of students and the school community. This support helps students achieve their potential, both academically and in their social and family lives. When I introduce myself to students, I tell them that it is my job to make sure they’re having the best experience possible at Attadale!

What does this look like at Attadale?

I see individual students to provide support to address issues in their lives such as family separation or conflict, friendship conflict, anxiety or anger. I have run small group programs on friendships, resilience and anger. I try to be a visible safe adult during break times so students may self-refer when they need to chat. I also run various lunch time competitions to help create a positive atmosphere in the school.

Do Chaplains have to be qualified?

Yes. Chaplains must have a minimum qualification in youth work or relevant area.

Are you Christian? Do you talk to my children about God?

My focus is on the needs of the student so I don’t talk to students about spirituality unless they bring it up. While chaplaincy is a Christian initiative, it respects the rights of all belief systems.

Who refers students to the Chaplain?

Teachers, parents and students themselves can ask to speak to me. Referrals can be made via the classroom teacher or directly to myself.

What do you love most about your job?

I love being a non-threatening avenue of extra support and have lots of fun doing it! We have an amazing bunch of kids here at Attadale!

Chaplaincy operates on an opt-out basis. If you would not like the Chaplain to speak to your child, please email the front office.

Thanks, Jackson Dolley


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