Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC) is a part-time supplementary program for public school children in Year 5 and 6.

Children are identified as suited to participation in the PEAC Program through testing in Year 4.  Children are tested onsite at school and those who are successful participate in a range of innovative and challenging programs offered in a variety of ways. Children are withdrawn from their regular class to attend PEAC programs.  Please note, that it is the parents’ responsibility to get their children to and from the designated centre. The courses usually run for two hours a week. Students must be organised and have good time management skills, as it is their responsibility to ensure that they catch up on all class work missed during their attendance at PEAC.

Two tests are administered. The first measures broad language and reasoning abilities and is made up of the following components: verbal comprehension, mathematical problem solving and verbal analysis and reasoning. The second test measures students’ ability to see relationships and solve problems. The scores from the test will be used in the selection of students for the PEAC courses and other extension programs.

Test questions are multiple choice, of a contemporary nature and are separated into the following sub categories:

  1. Reading Comprehension;
  2. Reasoning by analogy;
  3. Working Mathematically/Thinking Scientifically; and
  4. Non-Verbal reasoning

The test will measure the child’s ability to

  • recognise patterns,
  • predict with accuracy,
  • use their reasoning skills in a range of contexts,
  • apply their knowledge and learning in language, mathematics, and thinking scientifically.

Further information can be found at the SouthMetro PEAC website:

or from the Department of Education: