School Board

The School Board meets twice a term.  The Board is comprised of community and staff members.

The Board has its own constitution, reviews and develops policies, endorses the Business Plan and approves the Budget.

School Board Code of Conduct

A message from our School Board Chair

Dear Students, Parents and APS Staff

It’s an absolute pleasure and honour to Chair the Attadale Primary School Board and be a part of this wonderful community.

As a Board it is our responsibility to make sure we do the best by our wonderful students; to listen to the community; to maintain a safe and productive environment for our amazing staff and teachers; and ultimately to uphold the vision and values of the school and our “Foundations for life” mantra.

As Albert Einstein once said “I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn”.

I am biased, but this is a truly amazing community to be a part of and I am in awe of the hard work the staff do to maintain this vision, particularly during some of the most challenging years in our recent history.

Add to that, we are lucky to benefit from the amazing work that that the P&C, Attamums & Attadads do to connect parents with the school and raise funds for much needed infrastructure for future generations to enjoy.

It is our duty as a Board to look to continually improve the ‘conditions’ at Attadale Primary School, and we will work hard to achieve that.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any ideas or feedback, it is our duty to listen.

Nigel Richards

Chair of the Board

Attadale Primary School