Absence and Attendance

SMS Absentee System

Attadale Primary uses the SMS absentee system and how it works.

Your child’s teacher will take lesson attendance when the school day begins and mark your child as present or absent. If the teacher or the front office have been notified with a reason for your child’s absence we will record it in our lesson attendance system.

At a pre-set time each day, our system will automatically send a message to the parents of any student who is marked with a “U” (unexplained absence).

The message will ask you to reply via SMS with a reason for your child’s absence.

We will then use this information to update our lesson attendance data.

We are asking all parents to ensure that the school is notified by 9AM if your child will be late or absent. You can do this filling in the online absentee form in Connect or Skoolbag, by telephone or in person at the front office or to your child’s teacher. Alternatively you can email the school office at attadale.ps.office@education.wa.edu.au

If you have any questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact us on 6274 1700.

Attendance at school

Children should not be at school before 8.30am as adequate supervision cannot be arranged before this time. When the students arrive at school, they assemble in the under-cover area until they are dismissed by the Principal or Deputy Principal to move about the school and prepare for the day’s lessons.

Teacher supervision of the children is provided between 8.35am and 3.10pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 8.35am and 2.30pm on Wednesdays