Attadale Primary School has developed quality teaching and learning programs in Technologies to support students to become confident and involved learners who are curious about their world. Our programs are greater than the sum of individual disciplines; they have an integrated approach using real world contexts and authentic learning through inquiry, problem solving, critical analysis and creative thinking and further complemented by a widely regarded higher order thinking matrix.

Engaging students in a wide range of quality technologies provides students with learning opportunities to be creative, develop skills, capabilities and knowledge across disciplines within the classroom context. Students have access to a range of resources that include laptops, iPads, various robots and other such devices.  In addition, the school facilities a ‘One2One’ iPad program where students from Year 4 may choose to bring their own iPad to school for learning.  Information about the ‘One2One’ iPad program can be found here. 

The teaching of Technologies at Attadale utilises a well thought out K-6 Scope and Sequence developed by teachers.  The scope and sequence is interactive and tailored to age appropriate levels drawing from the SCSA K-10 Curriculum in Technology.

E-Safety and cyber safety is prioritised where regular lessons take place throughout the year to develop necessary online protocols and safe use. These are further strengthened with student incursions and parent workshops to support the development of safe practices.

Cyber Safety Information

How to set up a safe device for your child

ySafe Safety Hub – free parent resource