School Board

The School Board meets twice a term.  The Board is comprised of community and staff members.

The Board has its own constitution, reviews and develops policies, endorses the Business Plan and approves the Budget.

School Board Code of Conduct

We are currently recruiting for parents to join our Board this year.

We were thrilled to have had so many parents indicate that they are interested in joining our wonderful School Board.

We currently have two positions available and the following parents have submitted their nominations to join the team.

Please read their submissions below.

If you would like to vote please find the recent Connect Notice which will contain a link to our voting system.

Thank you

Aaron Dentamaro
My name is Aaron Dentamaro and I am a father of 3 young girls. I currently have 1 daughter at the school and my other 2 daughters will attend when they are old enough. My family have settled in Attadale so we have a vested interest in wanting to see my daughters learn and grow at Attadale Primary School. I feel my business experience can add value to the board and school. I have been working the past 12 years as a Financial Controller in large businesses and am a qualified CPA with a Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Governance.

Sandra Di Girolamo:
I work in TV news, current affairs and documentary production. I also run a successful media consultancy, helping businesses grow through marketing and teaching people how to communicate with the media and with each other. I would bring to the school board decades of experience in media boardrooms around the country, and a list of enviable contacts in the fields of media, production and communication. I also have two boisterous boys who are just starting their journey at Attadale Primary, so I am invested in the success of the school for many years to come.
My family are proud to be heavily involved in the Attadale community through the Attadads and the P&C. We place a high value on the importance of raising kids in a community that cares, and also gives back.

Dina Redmile
I have a husband and three children and have been in Perth since 2004. My children have been coming to Attadale Primary since 2011 and I’m keen to join the board to give a little back after watching the children learn and grow at Attadale Primary. I have worked for Bankwest for the last 15 years and have held a number of leadership positions across different areas. One of the things I have always loved wherever I have worked is watching a team collaborate and come together to drive a solution forward which is what I am hoping to be a part of if elected to the board.

Nigel Richards
I am the dad of two gorgeous kids, Henry and Alice, and I want to contribute in any way to give back to the community and school that we are very lucky to be associated with. I am COO of HHG Legal Group overseeing legal services, operations, strategy, HR, marketing; on the committee of the Law Society and 10×10 philanthropy; and am on the board of AustLaw. I have run labour hire, recruitment and online businesses. I can offer learning, services, fundraising, people and commercial experience for the benefit of staff, teachers, pupils and their families.

Russell Yeo
As a father of two children at the school I have vested and close interest in the direction the school is taking. As a season communications expert with years of experience having worked in large and complex, privately listed and public sector organisations in Perth (including having worked as the WA Education Minister’s senior media advisor), I believe I have a useful and indeed unusual skillset to bring to the school board. Coupled with a keen strategic insight gained working in these key roles over the last few years, I believe I would make an excellent, energetic and diligent addition to the school board.