2021 Naplan Online

My child is doing NAPLAN for the first time. What do I need to know? 

NAPLAN tests the fundamental skills of writing, reading, grammar, spelling and numeracy – skills that are essential for your child to progress through school and life. The tests are aligned to the Australian Curriculum for English and Mathematics, so what your child learns in the classroom is what they’re tested on in NAPLAN. Other than being comfortable with the format of NAPLAN (which your child’s teacher will help them with), there’s no special preparation, or NAPLAN books, that are necessary. 

NAPLAN results help identify areas of achievement and areas where your child may need more support. Teachers use their students’ NAPLAN results as just one piece of the assessment puzzle – they’re not the ‘be-all-and-end-all’ – and they don’t replace regular school tests or assessments. If you have any concerns, you should speak to your child’s teacher or see more information on the NAP website. 

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