Attadale Primary School boasts a modern, dedicated Science lab, equipped with new sinks, fridge, microwave, furniture and a large range of exciting new resources, including microscopes, iPads and other topic related equipment. We are building on the number of live specimens in the lab, with our Science Monitors taking responsibility for the care of our hermit crabs, worm farm and mealworms.

Our Science Specialist, Ms Tamara Trees, is enjoying her second year as Science specialist.. She works with class teachers to ensure all strands of the Science Curriculum are covered in a broad and meaningful way.

‘Primary Connections’ is the program basis for teaching and learning in the Pre-primary to Year 4 classes. This series links directly to the WA Syllabus & Australian Curriculum, builds consistency across the school and offers a hands-on approach in the Science area.

Currently, Years 5 and 6 are trialling an online resource called ‘Stile’, which was developed in conjunction with the CSIRO. Stile blends interactive science lessons, science news stories and hands-on investigations to empower students to observe, think, write, and argue like real scientists and engineers. Students and teachers have responded positively to the resource.

Science teachers in the Riverside Network meet regularly, in an effort to share quality teaching and learning approaches and to moderate assessments amongst local schools.