Enrichment and Extension

Attadale Primary School acknowledges the diverse range of skills, abilities, talents and learning styles of individual students and offers several opportunities to enrich student learning, including PEAC, our school-based Enrichment Program and the Creative Edge Challenge.

PEAC (Primary Extension and Academic Challenge)

Identified students are selected to participate in the (PEAC) program throughout the year. This program runs externally to our school. 

Enrichment Program

Mrs Armstrong leads our school-based Enrichment program working with students in Years 3-6.  The learning program is based on a collaborative student-centred learning approach, in which students are given specific, real-world projects to work on individually or in groups. A focus is on utilising STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) to facilitate learning.

The Enrichment program aims to broaden the range of experience to improve skills such as creative thinking, problem solving, questioning and collaboration.