The performing arts play a large role in our school. Mr Perera (Mr P) has continued to build aspects of the school like the Year 5 and 6 ‘Performance Troupe’ and School Contemporary Band (Years 3-6), which are much loved by students, staff and parents.  Our students have participated in a wide range of performance opportunities including the ‘Schools Make Music’ concert series, Wakakirri Story Dance Festival, performances at aged care homes and hospitals and our own 2 hour productions hosted in the school hall.

Students have a varied range of musical experiences (singing, instrumental, drama, dance, theory) and are encouraged to be active participants in all musical activities. Selected students from Years 3 to 6 are involved in the Specialised Instrumental Music Program through the School of Instrumental Music, where they play a variety of instruments including cello, flute, trumpet, clarinet and violin.