Ibu Dian, a native Indonesian speaker, teaches the Languages program from Pre-Primary to Year 6. The Indonesian program focuses on students’ speaking, listening and writing Indonesian vocabulary. A key feature of learning Indonesian language is understanding the cultural dimension that shapes and is shaped by the language. Language learning is designed with an intercultural language learning orientation to enable students to participate in intercultural experiences, develop new ways of perceiving and being in the world, and understand themselves in the process. Language is taught to students from Pre-Primary to Year 6, students participate in class experiences, activities and everyday transactions that involve areas such as family, occupations, around the classrooms/house, and daily activity. Using modeled languages, students create and present short imaginative texts that allowed for exploration and enjoyment of language, cultural expression and performance of the Indonesian culture. 

Students helping Ibu Dian cook a traditional Indonesian breakfast.

Year 1 and 2 learning about how they celebrate birthdays in Indonesia. They don’t have cake, they have yellow rice with vegetables.