Specialist Areas

Our specialist programs give students a range of opportunities and experiences to ensure every child can work on their area of strength and further develop their passion for learning. We value these learning areas and offer high quality learning programs in the following areas.


Our Science program is delivered from Year 1-6 in our purpose built Science Classroom. The focus in these classes are the Science Inquiry Skills where students are involved in a range of hands on experiments and investigations to enhance their learning. Science Understanding is delivered by the classroom teacher in collaboration with our specialist teachers.

The Arts- Music

Our Music program provides students with an opportunity to develop a range of skills and understanding through exposure to multiple instruments and modes of music. As well as in class opportunities, students are able to join the School Band or Performance Troup to further test their skills. Selected students are able to participate in small group music lessons in Violin, Viola, Cello, Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet and Flute.

The Arts – Visual Arts

Our visual Arts program develops students’ skills and understanding in a range of visual Art techniques. This program is delivered for Year 1-6 students in our Art Room. Students are encouraged to show their individual flare and are given opportunities to showcase their work to our school community. Year 5 and 6 students have the opportunity to apply for the Art Extension program in which they extend their skills and create collaborative art works.

Physical Education

Our Physical Education Program is a comprehensive program delivered to students from Pre-Primary – Year 6. Students develop their skills and game strategy within class and are provided with opportunities to test these in game play during Middle and Senior Sport. Students have the opportunity to compete in Interschool Competitions for a range of sports including Athletics, Swimming, Cross Country, Tennis, Cricket, Netball, Soccer and AFL.

Languages – Bahasa Indonesian

All students at Attadale PS in Years 2-6 study Bahasa Indonesian once a week as part of the WA curriculum. Our languages program combines hands on learning experiences with opportunities for students to develop their ability to speak, read and write in Indonesian.