Successful start to the 2020 school year

It seems in a blink of an eye that we are in week 3 of the school year. Again, I need to congratulate staff, students and parents for your collective efforts to ensure a very successful start to the 2020 school year.

Keep your eyes and ears out for many rich and creative initiatives added to the Attadale Primary School educational experience this year. Extension programs, problem solving, a new Science purpose built room and resources and the continued building of our staff means we continue to have that “green and growing” mentality in a year that promises to be awesome.

As I have mentioned before, we can’t be awesome by ourselves. The education of our future generation, your children, is a “team game”. The real power of ‘awesome’ comes from a positive combination of parent, student, teacher, school and community. Taking interest in what your child is doing in school, providing supportive and positive comments about; your child’s progress, their teacher, their school and their future is enormously powerful in creating the right culture for your child and all our students to be ‘awesome’. I am sure you have heard in your work how ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’.

The success of our system and school strategy for the education of our students, pivots on the right culture. We all are accountable in ensuring we create the ultimate conditions [culture] for learning and growing.

Many thanks again to everyone for a great start to 2020. The ownership of this success is shared among us. Thank you!

Kind regards

Scott Harris