Student Drop Off & Collection Procedures for the start of Term 2

Dear Parents

We are anticipating the return of many of our students on Wednesday.  

The Department of Education has stipulated several directives to ensure the safety of our staff and students as they enter and leave the school site.  An important direction is for all Attadale Primary School students to be dropped off and collected by parents outside of the school gates/boundaries.  Therefore, we ask ALL parents and caregivers to note the following information.

Please note

  • Students can be dropped off between 8:35 to 8:50am and picked up at 3:10pm (3pm for Kindy) and 2.30pm on Wednesdays.
  • A reminder that no student should be dropped off before 8:35am unless attending before school care
  • Please use the ‘kiss and drop’ drive through area if you are comfortable releasing and picking up your children from this location.  School staff will be present to supervise any students.
  • Older students are permitted to drop off younger siblings at the door of their classroom
  • Please do not send your child to school if they are sick as we will contact you immediately to arrange pick-up.  Thank you for your understanding.


Kindergarten:  To be dropped off at the door at the rear of Mrs McManus’s class.  At this location you will be met by the Kindergarten EA who will direct your child into the classroom.  At the end of the kindy school day (3pm), the staff will release your children from the same door when parents/caregivers are sighted.  Please observe social distancing requirements and ‘hug and drop’ at the door so that the next child can quickly come in.

Pre-Primary: Caregivers to drop PP students at the opening of the fence near Mrs Bailey’s room (oval boundary on Calpin Crescent).  You will be met by early childhood staff who will direct your child to another staff member waiting at the double gate next to the EC buildings. They will then direct your children to their individual classrooms.  At the end of the school day (3:10pm), the Pre-Primary staff will take all children to the Calpin Crescent fence opening and send them home with their caregiver when sighted.

Years 1 and 2: Please drop off and collect children from the school entrance on Wichmann Road, closest to the administration building.  They will be supervised and directed by some of their teachers and admin staff at this location.  Students will not be sent home unless parents/caregivers are sighted by our staff. In case of wet weather during school pick up, Year 1 students will be released from the undercover area and Year 2 students will be released from the courtyard of the Science room (near bike racks).

As there will be a large number of children being supervised at this location, we will appreciate your patience and quick departure after dropping off or collecting your child. 

Years 3-6: Please enter the school from the oval, kiss and drop site or Wichmann Rd crosswalk entrance and then proceed to class.  Parents are advised to discuss a meeting point with their children for after school pickup (if not walking home).

Helping Hands Before and After School Care Students: Please discuss supervision arrangements with your Coordinator

Our staff will be working together to ensure your children’s comfort and safety.  We would appreciate your assistance in preparing your children to quickly ‘hug and drop’ outside of our school boundary.

Looking forward to a wonderful Term 2 with our greatest assets; your children.

Asiri Perera

Deputy Principal