A video message from our Principal

Please see attached news from the Principal dated 3 April 2020 including a video from our wonderful staff

Dear Parents, Students and Community – What Next?

Accompanying this note is a YouTube clip to share some information from our great school. I expect you are wondering what education and schooling will look like for your children, we are pondering this as well.

The YouTube clip linked here shares some insight into what we are thinking and doing when preparing for a new educational world in Term Two 2020. Some key messages for all of us are around the fact that learning from home, balancing work, life and education will be tough. The online education world is something we will learn together and we need to support and be supportive of each other until we find the delivery mode that supports our students as best we can, with the resources we have. What we do know is the education world will be different. What different looks and feels like in this world, we are building together. We will, and we ask you to, be patient and supportive of each other but push ourselves to learn, fail, succeed and celebrate as a team. Have a look at our YouTube message. Feedback is welcome and more is coming.

Please see attached news from the Principal dated 27 March 2020

Please see attached news from the Principal dated 26 March 2020