Personal Items List 2020

Stationery lists for 2020 have been made available. If you wish to order through Campion, login
at by Friday 6 December 2019 using “KMCT” as your code. Once logged in, please follow the prompts for your 2020 year group.

Orders received on or before 6 December 2019 will be processed for FREE home delivery.

Your home delivery will be dispatched the week ending 3rd January 2020.

Any orders received past the return date cannot be guaranteed delivery prior to the commencement of the school year and will incur a late fee of $17.50.

Please note that you can source your booklist from any supplier but please be aware of the type and quantity of the items requested by the teachers.

Copies of the booklists in a printable form can be found in the Personal Items Lists 2020 section.