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Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC) is a part-time program for public school children in Years 5, 6 and 7.  Children are tested in Year 4 and are selected to participate in a range of innovative and challenging programs offered in a variety of ways.  Children are withdrawn from regular classes to attend PEAC programs.

PEAC programs offer children:

  • the opportunity to socially interact with other gifted and talented children;
  • an intellectual rigorous and challenging program;
  • opportunities to interact with practising experts;
  • the opportunity to develop higher order process skills and in-depth investigation skills;
  • the opportunity to work on open-ended activities which encourage choice and  and negotiation;
  • self/peer evaluation and reflection of performance.

How do I know if my child is suited to Gifted and Talented Programs?

Gifted and talented children should be able to perform (or have the potential to perform) well ahead of children of the same age, for example, talking or reading at an advanced level.  Although the level of giftedness can vary considerably from child to child, there are general indicators that can help you identify if your child is gifted and talented.


Attadale Primary School promotes Mathletics to all students in the school and provides log in details to the students at the School's expense.

Please click on the Mathletics link to see further detail.

Edible Garden

The School has an Edible Garden which is taken care of by parents and pupils and it provides everyone with fresh vegetables and fruit and enables the children to learn about seedlings, planting, growing and cultivating plants.

School Banking

Attadale Primary School runs a Student Banking Programme in conjunction with the Commonwealth Bank.  The Banking is done every Thursday.  Should you wish to enrol your child for this programme, please go to the attached link or for further enquiries, please contact Debbie or Jo in the School Office on 9330 3422.