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Attadale Primary School Wichmann Road
Attadale WA 6156
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School Office: 08 6274 1700

Attadale Dental Clinic
Phone:9330 5876
Wichmann Road
Attadale WA 6156


Kidz'n'Sport Holiday and Term 1Programs


New SMS System for Absent Students - details here


Attadale Primary School "1 to 1 iPad Program

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We accept payment for excursions/incursions and Contributions and Charges by: Cash/Cheque/Eftpos/Direct Deposit.

We also accepting upfront payments from families. Payment of any amount can sit in your child's account as a credit and can be allocated to any excursions/incursions throughout the year.
Attadale Primary School  BSB  066 163  Account 0090 3316


National Consistent Collection of Data for School Students with Disability
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Parent Views on Attadale Primary School

“Dear Scott,

I am writing to thank you and your staff for the quality of educational experience our children are enjoying this year.  I can only imagine the challenges you have all faced due to budget cuts and enrolments being slightly down.  Who would know?  The quality of program and the professional and enthusiastic way in which it has been delivered is in no way reflective of these challenges. 

Our  children who attend APS are so completely content and happy in their schooling this year.  I can see each of them developing on a weekly basis, and the way in which they talk about their school work shows how engaged they are in the learning processes and this is an enormous credit to their classroom teachers.   The incursions, excursions, and of course the camp, have been outstanding, and great value for money.   Clearly a vast amount of planning and organisation have gone into these events, and as a result our children have had opportunities they may not have normally had. 

I have visited both the art room and the music room, and as always, have been surprised and delighted by the way in which these teachers are able to share their skills and passion in such a way as to so fully engage the students.   

I also wanted to say that I can now see how well APS prepared our child for high school, the senior classroom was a fantastic launching place for this next step and my child has benefited with a very smooth transition into secondary school. 

We are extremely grateful for the dedication, skill and passion shown by the staff at APS, and so very glad that our journey led us to be a part of this school community.” 

Congratulations – National Recognition for Attadale Primary School

Please see a copy of a letter from the national educational body called ACARA (Australian Curriculum, Assessment & Reporting Authority). The letter shares how our school’s name was given to media outlets in this state to acknowledge the great work and results of our school.
Basically, the school has been recognised as adding more value to each child’s education then other schools, and in particular, schools just like us.
We all should feel justifiably proud of the collective and collaborative efforts that have made this so. Thank you staff, students, parents and community.  Be very proud!!