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To capture the essence of where the school direction is headed in terms of literacy, numeracy and the social and emotional development of your children, please have a look at our Business Plan which covers our intended journey over the next three years.

ICT Learning for Students

Students live in a world that is rich in online digital information and communication technologies (ICT); therefore it is our belief that our school's learning environment should also be equally rich in ICT, compatible with their home and social contexts.

Learning with ICT offers our students a world of opportunity: global communication with peers, communities and experts; access to timely and relevant information sources; engagement in rich, relevant tasks based on real situations and data. Issues surrounding these opportunities - appropriate use, safety, relevance, among others - require more than ever before, that students develop and apply critical literacy and independent learning skills.  Together with parents we have a collective responsibility to ensure our students have the skills to be safe and smart when working online.

Student learning is always at the centre and ICT exists as one of a number of technologies to enhance learning. Teaching ICT skills is not an end in itself: ICT skills are best developed at the point of need, within the broader learning context. One goal of integrating ICT is to make it seamless: students use ICT if and when appropriate to support their learning.  The Australian curriculum has ICT embedded throughout its content.

Information and communication technologies (ICT) make significant contributions to student learning.

  • For our teachers, ICT enables the design and delivery of flexible and engaging learning opportunities and improved monitoring and assessment procedures relating to their students progress.
  • For students, ICT enables learning that is responsive to their learning styles and needs.
  • Strategically, ICT offers significant support towards the elevation of curriculum standards inWestern Australiaand progress towards the achievement of the National Goals for Schooling in the 21st Century.

Developing a Networked School Community analyses the latest research on the digital capacity of young people and their home environments to provide a compelling case for preparing young people for a digital and networked future.
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Our school community has been presented with a model of our vision of ICT teaching and learning for the 21st century. This has been communicated in various ways via the many committees operating with both parents and staff and through our school planning documents that are widely shared. 

This vision involves combining our schools traditions and teaching expertise with the very best that new technology has to offer. At Attadale Primary, we believe that our students deserve a curriculum that is balanced, authentic, engaging and meaningful. This includes strategies designed to prepare them for their rapidly changing future as well as the very best of traditional and contemporary teaching methods. 

In today’s world, the computer forms an essential ‘digital toolbox’ for almost every job. Together with literacy and numeracy, the ability to use technology is a pre-requisite for being a productive 21st century citizen.

The concept being our students deserve to have  a rich, connected learning environment that will give them a competitive edge in their schooling, in the workforce and in their lives as 21st century citizens.

School Sport

The school has three houses: Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond.  Children are placed in a house on admission to the school.  All members of a family are placed in one house.  The houses participate in swimming, athletics and behaviour incentives.

Interschool Sport
The school enters teams in competitions annually.  Lightning Carnivals in various team games may be arranged on a casual basis between schools.

Swimming Lessons
These will be conducted by the Department of Education at the Melville Aquatic Centre or the Fremantle Leisure Centre for a two week period during school time.  Weather and circumstance permitting, our senior students enjoy Cottesloe Beach as their venue for swimming lessons.

Please see School Planner for more details on sport arranged for each term or contact Terry Nangle.


Music is a vital aspect to the delivery of a balanced curriculum at Attadale Primary School and plays a large role in our school.  Staff are knowledgable in the importance and effect is has on brain development in young students.

Music students have a range of musical experiences and are encouraged to be active participants in all musical activities.  Students often perform for assemblies and enjoy after school music tuition. The Year 6 students have the opportunity to perform a musical item at "Schools Make Music" held annually at the Burswood. 

All classes receive music instruction from our Music Specialist, Mr Perera and there is often a school band and various instrumental groups. We are currently running the "Attadale Performance Troupe" for Years 5 and 6.

School of Instrumental Music (SIMS)
Students with an identified aptitude in music are invited to join the specialised Instrumental Music Program through the School of Instrumental Music.  Selected students undertake clarinet, viola, violin, trumpet, trombone and cello classes conducted by School of Instrumental Music teachers.  The lessons are undertaken at school and students are required to hire an instrument to participate if they cannot supply their own.