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Th next P&C meeting will be on Tuesday 14 November at 7PM in the Staffroom – Everyone welcome.

The Attadale Primary School P & C Association is the school’s official body for parents and citizens and is governed by, and managed as provided in, its Constitution.  It’s made up of parents and community members who join together to ensure that Attadale Primary School continues to be a friendly, open and inclusive place for all its students and families.

The P&C Association meet for a general meeting once a term at 7pm in the school staff room.  Dates for 2023 are 16 May, 8 August and 31 October*. All are welcome and you don’t have to be part of the association to attend as your input as a parent is always valued.  Each general meeting reports on the achievement, progress and establishes direction for P&C Association activities along with occasional guest speakers and the sharing of ideas. The Attadale Primary School Principal reports on the activities at the school and discusses with members in attendance, ways in which the P&C Association may assist.  The Annual General Meeting is held in February/March of each year.

What does your P&C do?

The P&C Association aims to help improve the school’s facilities, organise social occasions for students and families, support the school administration and teaching staff, fundraise for the benefit of the school, advocate on behalf of families, provide essential services (such as the Attalicous Canteen), represent the school within the wider community and maintain the wonderful local school atmosphere.

Importantly, the P&C Association provides school budget shortfall funding at the beginning of each year.  This goes towards things such as reading support programs, Mathletics, classroom merit awards/prizes, student awards and art projects to name a few.  In addition to this the P&C Association can cover costs incurred by the school that are not covered by the education department, such as upgrades to air conditioning, IT systems and school playground equipment.  The P&C Association has also been working hard to introduce improvements to the canteen, nature play into the school and support the P&C edible garden.

How to get involved?

As different generations of students pass from Kindy to Year 6 and beyond, there is always a need for new volunteers to jump on board and help the P&C Association do what they do!  If you have some spare time and would like to be more involved in your child’s school life, please consider joining the P&C Association, in whatever way you can. There are many different roles and opportunities, or you may just wish to come along to a meeting every now and then. The door is always open.

Any time that you volunteer is greatly appreciated. It is also a great way to connect with the place that plays such an important part in your child’s life.  There are many events and fundraisers held throughout the year, so there are plenty of opportunities for volunteers to join in the fun! Duties can range from planning/researching a particular event, marketing, fundraising and event management.

Some of the P&C Association sub-committees who work to achieve the P&C goals include The Attalicious Canteen, Attadads, Attamums, Edible Garden and Early Years Nature Playground.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the P&C Association, please feel free to contact one of us. Our details are below and we all love a chat!

*NB: this date is subject to change given its Halloween.

Your P&C Office Bearers

President:Gemma Brogden (attadalepresident@gmail.com)
Vice President:Rebecca Manley
Co-Treasurers:Ray Bennett and Aaron Dentamaro (attadaletreasurer@gamil.com)
Secretary:Nick Johnson-Pond (attapandc@gmail.com)