Our Staff List

Part of our approach to differentiation has been a major push into information technology. Our school is wireless networked and staff use notebooks, electronic whiteboards and Ipads to support learning styles, concepts and differentiation. In addition to this, Digital Technologies (including coding) has become a major focus in our school as we equip our students and staff with the tools needed in a changing world / workplace.

In addition to the experienced and hard working class teachers, the school has support and specialist teachers (Music, Art, Science, Languages and Physical Education). Their roles are decided according to school needs, priorities and class organisation. Non teaching staff include the Manager Corporate Services, Corporate Services Officers, Library Officer, Education Assistants for early childhood classes and learning programs, Education Assistants for students with special needs, Canteen Manager, School Gardener, Chaplain and Cleaners. Each is a valued member of our staff, and each is given the same degree of respect from the students.

Staff Contact Details

Principal: Phil Springett

Deputy Principal: Asiri Perera

Deputy Principal: Jaylene Fritchley

Corporate Service Manager: Deborah Brunette

Library: Natalie Mason

Administration: Front Office

2023 Teaching Staff

EC1 (Kindergarten Red and Blue): Andrea McManus and Renie Allen

EC2 (Kindergarten Green): Courtney Trezise

EC3 (Pre Primary): Annette Bailey

Pre Primary (Room 5): Cathie Hermens

Year 1 Room 3: Anna McDonald

Year 1 Room 4: Mia Behsman

Year 2 Room 6: Nadia Bergamo M-Th and Gemma Boot

Year 2 Room 7: Julia Pearl

Year 2/3 Room 8: Connie Sutherland

Year 2/3 Room 9: Kathryne Sharp

Year 3 Room 10: Megan Summerfield and Sandra Fullgrabe

Year 4 Room 11: Michelle McCreery and Tanaya Barnes

Year 4 Room 12: Lisa De San Miguel

Year 5 Room 15: Lisa Calder

Year 5/6 Room 14: Kirsten Hildebrandt

Year 6 Room 13: Megan Teede and Rebecca Armstrong Wednesday

Art Specialist: Kathryn Power T-F

Languages Specialist: Dian Leggett M and Tues

Physical Education Specialist: Craig Fritchley M-Th

Science Specialist: Courtney Trezise Tu (Junior) and Tanaya Barnes M/Th

Enrichment: Rebecca Armstrong Friday