A welcome from our School Board Chair

Attadale Primary School is a welcoming community and has wonderful hard-working parents who support the staff in the best interest of our children. Parent involvement is really valued at our school and being on the School Board is a small way to contribute.

Together with the Principal, the Board is responsible for ensuring the school fulfils its educational responsibilities in accordance with the guidelines and policies set out by the Department of Education, Western Australia (DoEWA).

The Board’s primary function is the financial management of the school and it is assigned the duty of planning on behalf of the school community, with the school staff, Principal and DoEWA for the present and future needs of students. Although the Board has no authority in the internal operation of the school, it provides support to the Principal in the decision-making process and advises with respect to school policy.

The Board meets twice a term and is informed about relevant school development and curriculum issues, as well as planned fundraising and social events involving the P&C. Both the Board and P&C are active groups that promote a spirit of friendship and cooperation within the school and are open to all current members of the school community.

Our school is situated in the lovely riverside suburb of Attadale and takes pride in our engaging nature playgrounds; strong early childhood centre; physical education department and swimming/sports carnivals; and our amazing arts program of music, drama, dance, and visual arts, which all enrich our children and builds stronger foundations for life.

Attadale Primary School continues to enjoy a strong community spirit. This spirit is felt when you hear the school song sung so proudly at assemblies and when you are greeted by the warm and friendly staff who care for our children. It is this real sense of community that continues to attract families like you to our great school.

Kirk D’Souza

Board Chair 2021